Our Mission
Generously donated to the community by the community, The Guild Theatre endeavors to create an everlasting, joyful, and uplifting hub that brings people together and enriches lives.
The Guild Theatre is a501(c)(3) not-for-profit music and event performance space bringing live music and entertainment to the Peninsula region. The venue has capacity for almost five hundred patrons and hosts a wide range of music, film, comedy, magic, presentations, panel discussions, live streams, video shoots, and other special events programming such as charity fundraisers, birthday parties, private concerts, corporate events, and more! 

This venue was made possible by members of the local community. Thanks to these local donors this historical landmark continues to make its mark on the community.
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Non-Profit Organizations and Schools who have presented events here in conjunction with Peninsula Arts Guild:

●     Synapse School

●     Sacred Heart

●     Ravenswood Education  Foundation

●     Riekes Center

●     Appalshop

●     Stanford Business  School

●     Rich May Foundation

●     Smithsonian

●     Mid Peninsula High  School

●     Housing Industry  Foundation

●     Mission Within

●     Good Tidings  Foundation

●     Global Conservation

●     Child and Family  Institute

●     TEDx

●     Fit Kids

●     San Francisco  Symphony

Doing good at the guild
One of our founding principles as a nonprofit organization is our unwavering commitment to community enrichment through meaningful action. At The Guild Theatre, we champion this ethos through initiatives such as 'Doing Good at The Guild,' a series that seamlessly integrates the power of music and the arts with philanthropic endeavors. Through this series, we facilitate collaborations with artists and the charitable causes of their choosing, and provide them with a unique platform to amplify their impact. ‘Doing Good at The Guild’ embodies a collective effort towards community cohesion and positive change. Through fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose, we aspire to forge a brighter tomorrow for communities near and far.

Artists, please reach out if you would like to be a part of this initiative. We would love to help the charity that you’re most passionate about.